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What medicines should not be transferred to Ukraine as humanitarian aid - a doctor

Evil post 2. Dear volunteers, who gladly grab everything they offer outside of Ukraine and do not address it, it is difficult and long to bring it all to Kyiv, it is difficult to find someone to give it to and happily write reports on help. I turn to you.

I do not require you to know pharmacology, but before you take something and take it, look at the expiration date of drugs that are so difficult to transport across borders. The photo shows a mountain of contraceptives, with an expiration date that expired in 2017, 2018 and 2020. In another photo - Viagra. Tin, Viagra !!! Either they have incorrectly translated our desire to raise Ukraine, or they have misconceptions about the capabilities of our men. And Viagra is also expired. Its only 2 boxes, so do not write to me about pulmonary hypertension.

Dear volunteers. I go through every box of your programs at night and in the morning. I sort it out, cry and send it to the trash. Don't do that. Don't distract me from more important work. Deliver the address on request from the hospital, department, or foundation. And not everything, "the doctor wrote.

Микола Анатолійович 
20.04.2022, 13:28
Згоден, матеріал дійсно дуже корисний!
20.04.2022, 13:27
Дуже цікава та корисна новини! Дякую за матеріал!
20.04.2022, 12:10
Я дуже розлютився після прочитання цієї новини. Невже й правда в нашому суспільстві є такі люди? Я б на місці уряду суворо карав би таких, бо зараз явно не час подібних жартів...
20.04.2022, 12:04
Я вражений вище наданою інформацією. Як можна бути настільки байдужим?!
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