Ukraine saves the world!
You can save Ukrainians
Support of the Western Australia Ukrainian diaspora for the CHARITY FUND SAVE UKRAINIANS

This publication is a solid "thank you" for Ukrainians living in Australia.

Our friendship began a long time ago and transformed into an effective collaboration during the war.

An initiative group of Ukrainians living in Australia undertook a difficult but very important mission – holding events and meetings to raise funds. They transfer all donations to our fund. And we, in turn, purchase the necessary products for the soldiers of the Armed Forces, tactical medics on the front lines, internally displaced persons and residents of the de-occupied territories.

Friends, you are on the other side of the world, but you have done so much. We sincerely thank you for your support and hope to see you in a peaceful Ukraine after the victory.

Every time we receive information from our Australian friends about plans for events or a report on a conducted event, we are amazed at the creativity, tirelessness, and involvement of each team member.

It is important that the purpose of such initiatives is not only to attract donations, but also to inform the world community about the war in Ukraine, the real state of affairs in our country, the needs and misadventures of our citizens.

Meetings and presentations are held in the format you can see in the video below. Anyone can join the process and become a benefactor within their own means.


And we also have a story about two Australian brothers. Ordinary teenagers don't seem to have anything in common with Ukraine. But their big heart did not allow them to stay away from someone else's trouble. Yes, the guys washed cars for some time, and the received money was saved and transferred to our fund. Low bow to parents for raising real men!


One article is not enough to list the number of good deeds of our Australian friends. They work every day there so that we can help the needy here.

The world must hear, see and understand that the war continues. War kills our children and parents. The country-terrorist russia did not stop for a moment in its atrocities. The world doesn't owe us anything, but we can't handle it without support!

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