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Our Team

Romanov Roman

Carries out business activities in Kropyvnytskyi, raises two children. He is currently a co-founder of the Let's Save Ukrainians Foundation and a volunteer. Responsible for assistance to the Armed Forces, SES, SRO, volunteer groups and all defenders holding weapons.

In addition, it actively assists affected civilians and temporarily displaced persons at its own expense and strength.

From the first days of the war he took part in the organization of the defense of his city.

Thanks to the coordinated work and activity of Roman, it was possible to establish the production of bulletproof vests, which are already protecting the soldiers of the Armed Forces, to provide electricity for the SRW storage, to purchase equipment for our soldiers.

There will be more help thanks to you!

Andrii Siedov

Entrepreneur from Kropyvnytskyi, happy dad of a 4-year-old Cossack. Now, in separation from his family, he is making every effort to ensure that the affected families can return to normal life and remain safe.

Andrew claims that now no one can stand aside from the plight of others. Everyone can help. That is why after the liberation of Kyiv region from the occupiers, he was among those who provided humanitarian assistance to the victims.

Together with friends-entrepreneurs we decided to create a charitable organization in Kropyvnytskyi called the Charitable Foundation "Let's Save Ukrainians". the fund also promotes the social rehabilitation of people in need of care. ”

He is also a co-founder of BF. In peacetime he does his favorite thing, raises his son and actively works for Ukraine.

Now the war has changed his life and prompted him to stand up for the disadvantaged and activate his full potential.

“My path in the charitable field began in 2014. It was then that my life was divided into "before" and "after". Therefore, he helped our local organizations, which were the first to participate in the formation of various benefits, both for the armed forces and ordinary citizens in need.

On February 24, 2022, the war began. All the things that were done before that were nothing. But requests for help came from all over the country, and this war left no one behind. Therefore, when the proposal to create the Save the Ukrainians Charitable Foundation was received, there was no doubt that I was in fact.

We have come together to save children, people left alone. Because the present and realities are such that every Ukrainian needs help, both psychological and material. Therefore, for my part, I will make every effort to help, support every Ukrainian for the sake of life. ”


In general, the purpose of the fund is to initiate and organize a public collection of charitable donations from relevant charitable organizations in Ukraine and other countries. We encourage all friends, acquaintances and just not indifferent people who can join or help financially.

If you have the opportunity to provide for yourself, but you do not have information on where, what and how to buy - we will direct and contact you with reliable importers and manufacturers.

If you are a supplier of military equipment, medicines and have access to humanitarian aid, let's unite!