Ukraine saves the world!
You can save Ukrainians


BO "CHARITABLE FUND" SAVE UKRAINIANS "actively helps medical institutions in the regions, doctors at the front, directly to soldiers in the purchase and delivery of medicines, medical supplies, orthopedic products, medical equipment and more.

It should be noted that ensuring the proper functioning of the medical industry is an important component of achieving our victory, because many lives are now in the hands of doctors, nurses, paramedics, rescuers.

There is a need for drugs and equipment not only in combat zones. Hospitals in the rear regions, in turn, are doing everything possible to provide quality care to civilians, patients transported from the affected regions, the military, rescuers, utilities and others.

It should be noted that medical products and medicines are one of the most expensive product categories. There are also some difficulties with logistics.


Financial Help

Therefore, we ask business representatives in Ukraine and abroad, all concerned citizens to join in fundraising for the medical industry. We regularly purchase the necessary products in accordance with the requests, we carry out on-site delivery.

If you have the opportunity to provide medicines, dressings, equipment, vehicles for doctors - contact us in a way convenient for you, and we will help organize the process.

We are always open to those institutions and people who need help. Call us or write in any messenger, send a request to our CF, and we will do our best to get you everything you need as soon as possible.