Ukraine saves the world!
You can save Ukrainians

Helping displaced persons and vulnerable groups during the war is perhaps the largest area of ​​philanthropy in Ukraine.

Charitable organizations, humanitarian headquarters, and concerned citizens are trying to help the victims. However, as our experience has shown, it is easier to do it in an organized way, when you have a certain list of goods, products to provide for the needy here and now.

That is why we have set up a small warehouse, organized the purchase of food, hygiene products, things, appliances and more. To do this, we attract partners from Ukraine and Europe, we turn to Ukrainians for help.

There is a constant need for:

  • personal hygiene products and household chemicals;
  • household appliances for migrants;
  • furniture for the organization of normal life in temporary housing;
  • food products with a long shelf life (canned food, flour, oil, cereals, cookies, water, etc.);
  • baby food;
  • clothing and footwear for all ages and genders.
  • If you can help with the products listed above - please call or email us.
  • If you want to join the fundraiser for the purchase and delivery of the necessary products - use the method convenient for you. We will ensure the targeted use of money.

How to get humanitarian aid in the Charitable Foundation "SAVE UKRAINIANS"?

If you find yourself in a difficult situation because of the war - do not wait until it becomes very difficult. We are ready to help you.
Call or write to us, voice your needs and leave the contact details, address.

We can help:

  • with the settlement of internally displaced persons in safer regions;
  • transportation of victims;
  • provision of food and things;
  • information on organizational issues.
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