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You can save Ukrainians

Assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine is one of the priority areas of the “SAVE UKRAINIANS” Charitable Foundation. We are trying to create an effective collaboration between Ukrainian and international business and ordinary citizens who have the desir

The assistance of the Armed Forces that we provide:

  • military ammunition: shoes, uniforms, body armor, etc.;
  • machinery and equipment: from walkie-talkies to thermal imagers and drones;
  • vehicles;
  • medicines and medical supplies;
  • food;
  • hygiene products.

The above list is not exhaustive. Each request is processed individually and maximum assistance is provided as needed.


How can you help the army?

Our job is to combine common capabilities and efforts.

If you have products that our soldiers need right now, but you can't organize the delivery yourself or you don't know how to do it, contact us and become a patron!

If you own transport, warehouses that can help in logistics - we will be grateful.

For those who want to join the charity financially, open accounts in several currencies. There are various ways to make contributions. Please list the desired amount, and we will use the funds to purchase or produce

the necessary goods.

To contribute


How can I get help?

In order to receive assistance for individuals, units, military units, you need to apply to our fund with a clear list of needs.

You can send an appeal to our e-mail or to the phone number listed on the website in any convenient messenger.

We promptly respond to requests and try to help as soon as possible.

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