Ukraine saves the world!
You can save Ukrainians


Charitable organization "CHARITABLE FUND" SAVE UKRAINIANS "operates on the basis of official documents. Therefore, you can be sure that your help is guaranteed to reach the recipients.

We work on several vectors to meet the needs not only of the army on the front lines, but also of the rear, civilians, veterans and their families.

The Foundation's team has established stable partnerships with Ukrainian and foreign companies, specialists, coordination and logistics centers. Thanks to this, we can promptly respond to requests from those in need and provide assistance in full.

In addition, we are actively expanding the partnership network and encourage everyone to join the initiative. Accounts for charitable contributions are opened in several currencies, there are alternative ways to make transfers. Everyone can take a step towards a common victory.

We regularly update the lists of needs and provide reporting in possible forms.

Our common goal is to strengthen the army, give doctors and rescuers a chance to save every Ukrainian, protect all citizens without exception.
Let's unite for Ukraine, people!