Ukraine saves the world!
You can save Ukrainians
Military phone +38 (050) 882 0 882

How we have helped our heroes this week

  • 100 turnstiles
  • 4 walkie-talkies Motorola DP4400
  • Inverter generator
  • drone DJI Mavic air 2 for reconnaissance
  • 70 power banks
  • 24 forms for the Armed Forces
  • 30 body armor
  • 5 unloadings
  • thermal imager
  • 2 laptops

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What the heroes need right now        

  • 10 SUVs
  • 3 minibus
  • night vision devices NIMO 14 (2900 Euro)
  • 700 military first aid kits
  • 20 helmets
  • 30 Bushnell rangefinders
  • 1 Simulator for training of Javelin ATGM operators
  • 1 Stinger MANUF training simulator
  • 1 Drone Autel EVO II Dual Enterprise Rugged Bundle 640T

Received a new humanitarian cargo
Children are our future. The humanitarian cargo went to Odessa to the children's regional hospital
All for the front - all for victory! Assistance from the Armed Forces has already been delivered
Humanitarian cargo was handed over to IDPs in Kropyvnytskyi
Received humanitarian aid from partners from Sambir
Drones and thermal imagers at the forefront
Humanitarian cargo for hospitals and clinics is already coming from Canada
Collect on the SUV for the Legion
What medicines should not be transferred to Ukraine as humanitarian aid - a doctor
Purchase of ammunition for the Armed Forces