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Diploma Acted - Save Ukrainians


Issued to a participant

Andriy Sedov, certificate of completion of the training on increasing the sustainability of Acted partner organizations «Development and motivation for cooperation and effectiveness» on the following topics:

  • Applied aspects of project management
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Organizational development
  • Financial management
Gratitude Balakliya City Council - Save Ukrainians


Charitable organization

CF «Save Ukrainians»

For the important support and unselfish assistance to internally displaced persons. We are sincerely glad that we have such reliable friends and partners who help us in difficult times despite any obstacles. Thanks to such courageous and patriotic citizens, we are all getting closer to our common victory! Together we are strong! Together we can win!

Glory to Ukraine!!!

Letter of gratitude - Save Ukrainians

Letter of gratitude

In this difficult time for Ukraine, the whole world is united in a desperate struggle. Concerned citizens are doing their best to provide the population with everything they need and help those in need. On behalf of me and my family, I, Roman Didenko, express my sincere gratitude to your charitable organization.

Namely, to your manager and friendly team for their fruitful work in providing humanitarian assistance to IDPs and victims who have taken refuge in the city of Kropyvnytskyi.

Thank God that there are such charitable organizations. May your kindness and generosity be returned to you a hundredfold. I wish you all the best, health, prosperity, and more warmth in your life.

Gratitude Center for Mother and Child - Save Ukrainians


The Kirovograd Regional Social Center for Mother and Child of the Kirovograd Regional Council (hereinafter referred to as the Center) expresses its respect and gratitude for the charitable assistance in the form of bottled water for babies and sweets for adult residents of the Center, including IDPs.

We highly appreciate your support, sincerity and generosity. We wish your business prosperity and further development, and your families health, peace and well-being.

Certificate SAFER ACCESS - Save Ukrainians


Hostile Environment Awareness Training

Certificate Presented To

Andrii Siedov

In Recognition of Participation and Achievement

Gratitude EAST - Save Ukrainians


The command and personnel of the 1st detachment of the separate center of the Special Forces «EAST» expresses their sincere gratitude to the Charitable Foundation «Save Ukrainians».

We sincerely thank you for your help and your desire for Ukraine's victory. Thank you, together to victory.

Glory to Ukraine and Glory to the Heroes!

Letter of gratitude - CO Save Ukrainians

Letter of gratitude

Charitable Foundation «Save Ukrainians»

The command and personnel of the military unit A2980 express their sincere gratitude!!!

For a significant contribution to strengthening the combat capability of the military unit, providing assistance and support in the defense of Ukraine's independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity, against the armed aggression of the Russian Federation.

We sincerely wish you good Cossack health, inspiration, prosperity, family comfort and well-being!


Diploma - CO Save Ukrainians


Awarded by


«Charitable Foundation «Save Ukrainians»

(Director Andrey Vladimirovich Sedov)

for active charitable and volunteer activities aimed at supporting the Armed Forces of Ukraine and helping internally displaced persons and on the occasion of the 269th anniversary of the city's foundation

Gratitude kraken - Save Ukrainians



Expresses gratitude

Charitable Foundation «Save Ukrainians»

For helping our unit and making a significant contribution to our common victory





We are extremely grateful for your sincerity and willingness to help!

Your contributions and donations have already changed the lives of many people in difficult situations. Your support allows us to provide the necessary humanitarian aid to those who need it most!

Thank you for your active civic position, indifference to other people's grief and dedication to the Ukrainian people!

Letter of gratitude

Letter of gratitude




From the entire Pokrovska community, we thank you for the sincere support you have provided to our residents who were forced to leave their homes and evacuate to the Kropyvnytska community in Kirovohrad Oblast in these extremely difficult times for the whole of Ukraine.

Your cooperation with the humanitarian hub «Ednannia» of Pokrovska MBA and assistance in providing targeted humanitarian aid to IDPs from Donetsk region is extremely valuable. Thanks to your sincerity and indifference, our citizens feel support, which strengthens the Ukrainian spirit and faith in the Victory!

We wish you strength and spirit, unshakable faith in goodness, reliable like-minded people and new achievements in the noble cause of supporting Ukrainians!

Letter of gratitude

Letter of gratitude

Charitable Foundation

«Save Ukrainians»

«ZORYA» condominium expresses its respect and gratitude for the comprehensive support of the residents of frontline towns who found themselves in the area of active hostilities.

By providing assistance in a difficult time for all of us, you give not only material values, but also hope that together we will overcome any adversity.

Thank you very much for your support.

We are holding the civilian front.

Together to Victory.

Letter of gratitude

Letter of gratitude

The Kropyvnytskyi City Social Hostel for Orphans and Children Deprived of Parental Care expresses its sincere gratitude to Andrii Sedov and Margarita Yakunina for their assistance in solving the everyday problems of internally displaced persons and orphans.



The Charitable Organization «Save Ukrainians», coordinated by Margarita Yakunina, won the mini-grant competition of the «Return to Life» project «Improving the conditions of temporary stay in the Kirovohrad region for internally displaced persons (IDPs) in a critical situation».

This project is a part of the national project «Integrated Humanitarian Response in War and Post-War Recovery», which is being implemented with the financial support of UKAID and the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) and with the technical support and coordination of the charitable organization Christian Aid and the ICF «Alliance for Public Health».

Letter of gratitude

Letter of gratitude

The Migrants Support Center «I'Mariupol» in Kropyvnytskyi expresses its sincere gratitude to the Charitable Foundation «Save Ukrainians» for providing hygiene kits in the amount of 100 pieces.

In this difficult time for Ukraine, the whole world is united in a desperate struggle. Concerned citizens are doing everything they can to provide the population with everything they need and help those in need.

Thank you for your care, participation, support and your sincere and sensitive hearts.

Letter of gratitude

Letter of gratitude

I would like to express my gratitude for the assistance provided in the form of DJI Mavic3 quadcopters, which are used by soldiers in the defense of the eastern borders of our country from the Russian aggressor.

We wish you good health, optimism, prosperity, interesting ideas and successful implementation.



is expressed

Charitable organization «Charitable Foundation «Save Ukrainians» and personally the Director of the Foundation Andriy Sedov for helping the residents of our community affected by the war.

We look forward to further cooperation and wish you success in your difficult work.



is expressed

Charitable Fund «Save Ukrainians»

for fruitful cooperation and assistance in organizing entertainment programs for IDP children as part of the street action dedicated to Children's Day «Holiday of Sunny Mood»



For systematic cooperation and support of the affected communities of the Kharkiv region, we express our gratitude to the Charitable Organization

Charitable Fund «Save Ukrainians»

Good deeds do not go unnoticed, they shine like beacons to those who are waiting for help!

Your example is an example for others! We are strong in unity! Glory to Ukraine!


Andrii Volodymyrovych Sedov

For caring and an active public position!

Good deeds shine like beacons to those who provide help. Your help will preserve the health of our Heroes and accelerate the Victory of Ukraine.

Your example is indicative for other benefactors as well.

We wish the team and volunteers of the charitable organization «Charitable Fund «Save Ukrainians» further prosperity, good health, peace, well-being and success in a noble cause!


We express our sincere gratitude to the international humanitarian organization « Acted» and the Charitable Organization «Charitable Fund«Save Ukrainians» in the person of the director of SEDOV Andriy Volodymyrovych, for the humanitarian assistance provided, for your care and willingness to help on the volunteer front. In this difficult time for Ukraine, unity and our joint willingness to solve issues within the limits of possibilities to help those who need it most are extremely necessary, bringing us all closer to Victory every day.

Thank you for helping Ukraine in this difficult time.

Praise Ukraine!


Since the day of the creation of the organization, we have provided free assistance to military units participating in the defense of the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of our state.

Thanks to the help of our charity fund, it was possible to transfer a significant amount of humanitarian aid, including dry rations and other food products, to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

«Aesculab» charitable foundation on a regular basis, it produces «Fine Zupka» dry breads and «Fine borscht», the preparation of which requires large quantities of vegetables (potatoes, beets, carrots, mushrooms, garlic, greens)

We are sincerely grateful to Andriy Sedov, director of the charity fund «Save Ukrainians» for his help and support of our cause.

Recommendation letter

Since the beginning of Russian aggression in Ukraine, Company Sante sp. z o. o. actively participates in the transfer of humanitarian aid to our Eastern Neighbors, including our Colleagues and Collaborators. We supply our products with the help of charitable organizations.

We had the opportunity to cooperate with many organizations and we would like to share the recommendation of one of them - the «SAVE UKRAINIANS» charity fund (Kropyvnytskyi, Ukraine), the founder of which is Mr. Andrii Siedov.

The purpose of the Fund's activity is to collect resources for the needy and victims of armed aggression in Ukraine. Mr. Andrii and his volunteers reach out to those most in need.

The organization regularly reports on its activities in a transparent manner. We see great dedication and conscientious work of each of the volunteers, which distinguishes the Foundation from others. The ethical conduct of activities, purposefulness and organizational efficiency of the Fund deserve recognition.

From the bottom of our hearts, we recommend the «SAVE UKRAINIANS» Charitable Fund, which helps Ukrainians who need help in such a difficult time. This is a huge challenge that deserves the support of Benefactors and Sponsors, because every aid is 100% transferred to the affected citizens of Ukraine.

Gratitude for the support of the army

We express our gratitude to the Charitable Fund "Save Ukrainians" for the support and assistance of the "Stugna" division

Thanks to the joint struggle of the entire nation, Ukraine and our army are effectively destroying the enemy and confidently moving towards victory!

Letter of gratitude

The Kirovohrad Regional Military Administration expresses its gratitude to SIEDOV Andrii Volodymyrovych -  the CEO of the Charitable Organization "Charity Fund "SAVE UKRAINIANS".

For active public activity, patriotism, dedication, organization of volunteer assistance, constant support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, territorial defense and internally displaced persons and on the occasion of International Volunteer Day.


Educational seminar on increasing the institutional capacity of partner NGOs from the ACTED program

The program is the author's development of the Foundation for Social Innovations "From the Country to Ukraine".
Includes conducting practical and theoretical classes for a total of 24 hours for public sector audiences on project management, fundraising, monitoring and evaluation, and activities in uncertain conditions


For successful training

"Impact of the war in Ukraine on the situation with human trafficking. Identification and referral of victims of human trafficking"

Letter of gratitude


For help and cooperation in providing assistance to the Ukrainian army, an active civil position in the struggle for Ukraine's independence.

Thank you for your help in protecting the Ukrainian state.

Glory to Ukraine!


Commander of the military unit A3449-A, Сolonel

Bronislav KVITKIN


Letter of gratitude

to the Charity Fund "SAVE UKRAINIANS"

For an active public position, a significant contribution to the promotion and support of the police of the Kirovohrad region during the legal regime of martial law.




Recommendation letter

A separate subdivision of the foreign non-governmental organization "ACTED Branch", having one of its offices in the city of Kropyvnytskyi, focuses its activities, along with other areas of work, on the development of partnership relations with active and effective organizations, which has been focused to help forcibly displaced persons since the first days of the full-scale invasion. We see the Charitable Foundation "Save Ukrainians" as one of such partners.

Observing the activities of various organizations and initiatives, we, as a donor organization, single out the Charitable Foundation "Save Ukrainians" as those who have sufficient human, technical and motivational capacities to implement the necessary initiatives that will affect the improvement of the quality of life of IDPs not only in the Kirovograd region but also in the country as a whole. We see the potential for possible growth and implementation of new activities and the need to support this organization and contribute to the areas of work that they implement.

Therefore, we recommend the Charitable Foundation "Save Ukrainians" for cooperation and support of their initiatives.

Letter of gratitude

The Kirovohrad Regional Military Administration expresses its gratitude to SIEDOV Andrii Volodymyrovych -  the CEO of the Charitable Organization "Charity Fund "SAVE UKRAINIANS".


For active charitable and volunteer activities aimed at ensuring the sovereignty and development of Ukraine and on the occasion of the Independence Day of Ukraine.

Letter of gratitude

The command of military unit A3425 and the personnel of the anti-tank artillery division express their gratitude to SIEDOV ANDRII for his assistance in providing humanitarian assistance to the military unit.

The humanitarian assistance provided, namely food, military clothing, medicine, hygiene products with your assistance, is of very high value and is vital for our servicemen who carry out measures for national security and defense, fighting back and deterring armed aggression.

We hope that in the future our military unit and other formations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be able to receive the same significant support from you!

Вінтеризація - проект допомоги в зимовий період постраждалим регіонам в Україні
Support of the Western Australia Ukrainian diaspora for the CHARITY FUND SAVE UKRAINIANS
Joint humanitarian project of the Charity Fund "SAVE UKRAINIANS" and ACTED UKRAINE. War. Kharkiv region
The Charity Fund “SAVE UKRAINIANS” provided assistance to displaced families in the Kirovohrad region.
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Humanitarian cargo from Canada was delivered to hospitals and hospitals in Ukraine
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